Monday, June 1, 2009

About this Blog

"Brazil is the country of the future", a common saying in Brazil. Critics usual expand the phrase with "... and will always be."

However, much has changed since the lost decade of the 80s. Brazil has gone through a remarkable change - 25 years of democracy and 15 years of economic stability are the basis for the situation in Brazil today.

Is the country over the hill? Not yet, but chances have never been better. This blog highlights and comments the current situation of the powerhouse of Latin America.

About Me

I am a German expat living in São Paulo with my family (more or less since 2009), working in management for a German chemical multinational. Previously I have worked for the same company on a global level and for a consulting firm in Europe. I studied Economics and Business Administration in Germany and the USA. The only place I have lived for longer than in Brazil in my life is Germany, but I have also moved in and out of Africa (twice) and the USA (twice).

This is my second time to Brazil.