Thursday, April 1, 2010

For Brazil, It's Finally Tomorrow

The Wall Street Journal has written a mostly positive article about Brazil - and the catchphrase, Brazil Country of the Future still hangs in there...

For the past century, Brazil has been a land of great potential—but few results. With runaway inflation and stratospheric national debt, the country was too much of a mess for anyone to take it seriously on the world stage.

How things have changed [more]
(Source: WSJ Online)
Basically, Mr. Prada highlights the three major points I always have to complain about Brazil: Lack of adequate public infrastructure, still rampant corruption and horrible education. If Brazil wants to "leapfrog" into fourth place, then these are the things that need to be addressed. Especially if we consider, that Education usually takes a generation to kick into the economy with full force, the time to invest is now, to be able to get where the country would like to be by 2050.