Monday, October 4, 2010

Run-Off between Serra and Dilma...

Lower House Candidate Tirirca with his Slogan: "It can't get worse than it already is."

With 99.99% of all votes counted, Dilma is at roughly 46% of votes and Serra has 32%. This puts Dilma worse off and Serra better off than expected.

The run-off will be on October 31 between the two. Dilma, who had been soaring in the polls, has recently lost some ground due to a(nother) corruption scandal in the PT government.

Schocking has been the final result for the lower house, where the former circus clown Tiririca (mentioned here and depicted above) managed to get roughly 1.4m votes in the São Paulo state. The second-most voted candidate received less than 600k. Or as a comment of mentioned yesterday:

"This is so typically Brazilian: We vote for a fool as our representative who will then make a fool of the people of Brazil."
BTW: The above photo is the official campaign photo from the mediaset on his website...

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