Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brazil, Country of the Present

Copyright Infringement?
It's funny what googling "Brazil, Country of the Present" will show you. Along with this site, a presentation from HSBC for one of their funds. The presentation carries this title and is from January, 2011 - the news is spreading.

The presentation itself is more of a sales pitch than any real information, but feel free to download it here, while it lasts.

Disclaimer: Providing a link to this document is not an offer or invitation to make an application to invest in this fund. All statutory requirements concerning impartiality of financial analysis are unaffected. A prohibition of trading concerning mentioned financial products before publishing this document (“front running”) does not exist. This document replaces neither a professional investment advice nor a relevant public prospectus or any actual semi-annual and annual reports. It is not an offer for subscription.


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