Thursday, April 14, 2011

Growth in Europe Meets Growth in Brazil

Maybe not enough capacity in the future...

Last week I met with a few fellow (German) expats for drinks in Vila Madalena and during the evening we found out that of the six people at the table, four had been on the same flight coming in from Munich two days before.

It is pretty amazing. Just about a year or so ago, Lufthansa flights from Germany were full, but not to the point of bursting. This has clearly changed. On my flight to Germany about two weeks ago, they transported two passengers on the jump seat... on the way back, same thing. In addition, at least four people were downgraded, frustrating my upgrade attempt.

Lufthansa already has daily flights from MUC and FRA to GRU and will also take on FRA to RIO this October. In addition, TAM also flies daily to FRA from GRU and RIO. I believe that this will not be enough - I have heard rumors of taking in a 747 for the MUC-GRU instead of the A340, which would offer another 70 pax seats (the A380 will never fly the route as GRU is barely equipped to receive a normal 747). I have also heard a rumor of DUS-GRU and of TAM taking on GRU-ZRH in addition to the daily Swiss flight.

If you consider the amount of German companies in Brazil and the growth both countries are going through, the Lufthansa-Exec responsible for South America clearly has a "good Problem" on his hand right now... The only frustrating thing about all of this, is that all flights will go through the GRU and GIG gateways... clearly a disaster.

Crisis, what crisis?

PS, Korean Air apparently read my post about Hyundai ;-) and is increasing the frequency of flights between Seoul, Los Angeles and São Paulo. Thanks,


  1. I have read that Brazil has more German companies than anyone other country in the world, besides Germany!
    I wonder if Viracopos in Campinas would take the big double decker A380, it would be a good option when the new Bullet Train is ready connecting Sao Paulo and Campinas...

  2. Thanks for your Post Gil and Ray. Viracopos is probably even worse suited as it currently only is a kind of "overflow" international airport. The bullet train surely would allow traffic to be transferred there more easily... but the question here is not when, the question is if...