Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ipad to be produced in Brazil

Now this is interesting news. According to market rumors, Apple is planning a billion dollar investment in a factory in Brazil to produce, among other things, the ipad 2... And there is more than a rumor to it. I know where the site is located... on the freeway (between Jundiaí and Indaiatuba) that I often take on weekends to a nice hotel fazenda. In the past months I had wondered about a huge building sporting the Foxconn-Logo on the side, but stupid me never considered that this might be for Apple.

Surely there is a huge fiscal and financial incentive involved, in addition to an ipad costing half of what it would if it had to be imported, thus making it accessible to a much larger part of the Brazilian population. Currently, the ipad sells for an eyewatering USD1000 in Brazil.

Apparently production is to start in November. If this is true, then the price for ipads in Brazil will fall by half and Brazil will have a nice hightech toy to export. The only problem about the export is that the ipads will have to pass through the Guarulhos or Viracopos Airports or the Santos Port. But let that be our worry when the time arrives.

Apple-afficionados, get ready...

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