Thursday, August 18, 2011

C is for Corruption: The Ministers

You can trust me, really!

Actually, I wanted to continue my series of first-hand stories on corruption but this breaking news is too good to be left aside:

Wagner Rossi, Minister of Agriculture, has just left Dilma's government - he is minister number 4 to go due to corruption charges. Who were the other three?

1. Antonio Palocci, "Home Affairs" whose net wealth miraculously increased twenty-fold from 2006 to 2010. He had already been forced out in a corruption scandal during the Lula government in 2006 - some people never learn.

2. Alfredo Nascimento, "Transportation", accused by Veja Magazine of organizing a true corruption structure in all public transport biddings. Nascimento had been minsiter for two terms under Lula too.

3. Nelson Jobim, "Defense", after calling fellow government colleagues "idiots" and after stating that he had voted in José Serra in the 2010 presidential bid. Jobim had been in the Lula government since 2007.

And why did Rossi leave? He was accused of receiving and distributing huge sums of money in public auctions, embezzlement and of flying around in the private jet of a company that won one of the biddings. He was also accused of electoral fraud, which resulted in, among other things, of throwing away several tons of food staples. He was NOT a minister under Lula, but did command the powerful Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento, charged with stabilizing seed, fertilizer and food demand for the poorer parts of the society.

This does not throw a lot of good light on Lula.

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